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Jeremy McCabe
Mobile: 506-875-3935

Jeremy's passion for real estate shines through in his interactions with each and every one of his clients. He understands the process of buying or selling a home can feel overwhelming, but he thrives in the fast-paced, detail-oriented world of real estate. Jeremy believes that shopping for, and purchasing, that new home should be a smooth (and fun!) experience. With professionalism and hours of hard work, he devotes himself to making that possible for his clients. At the end of the process, Jeremy is just about as excited as you are to finally get those keys in your hands.

Jeremy has lived in Moncton his whole life, and loves that working in real estate means maintaining and building on a network of long-lasting relationships in his community. When he isn't working with his clients to find the property of their dreams, you can often find Jeremy on the golf course or playing hockey and he brings the same spirit of enjoyment, dedication, and friendly competition to his work. Jeremy is always eager to sit down with new clients to talk about their buying and selling goals. Give him a call at 875-3935 or send him an email at to start the conversation!