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Oliver McSloy
Mobile: 506-688-4661

Oliver has a love for architecture, creative expression, technology, and an imagination that hasn’t let him down yet! People have described Oliver as persistent, focused, fiercely loyal and an overcomer. It is of utmost importance to Oliver to develop and maintain professional and personal relationships based on respect, confidentiality and truth. These core values underpin the foundation of how Oliver approaches decision making, problem solving and negotiations to finalize the business agreement for those whom he represents.

Oliver chose to pursue a career in real estate as it naturally complimented both his business and creative interest of his personality. No two homes are the same, and no two buyers or sellers have the same needs, which inspires Oliver to meet the challenge of what his clients hired him to do. He is currently single and focused on growing a reputable, long-standing career in the developing greater Moncton area. In his down-time you would find Oliver in his kitchen creating unique recipes. He enjoys helping at the Food Bank and has made a community commitment to give back a portion of his earnings to local organizations that help those that are homeless and who experience addiction.

Oliver is available to meet you in person, on the phone or in virtual meetings to answer your real estate investing questions.
You can contact Oliver at 506-688-4661 or by email,

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